Slaves Receiving News of Emancipation, British West Indies, ca. 1834

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Image Reference

Cassell's Illustrated History of England, . . . 1820-1861 (London: Cassell, Petter, and Galpin, 1863), vol. 3, p. 234

Caption, "Scene on a West Indian Plantation--Slaves Receiving the News of Their Emancipation." This engraving is occasionally reproduced in secondary sources on Caribbean slavery which imply it is based on an eyewitness drawing. However, the scene has been completely fabricated by the Cassell's late 19th century artist although there are certain realistic features, e.g., dress styles, long-handled hoes, windmill. The drawing accompanies a section of the book which deals with the "abolition of slavery in the British colonies" (see p. 233).