Officers of the First Louisiana Native Guards, 1863

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Image Reference

Harper's Weekly (February 28, 1863), Vol. 7, p. 133.

Captioned, "Our Colored Troops—The Line Officers of the First Louisiana Native Guards." Engraving is based on a sketch by Harper's "Special Artist" and accompanies an article on these troops, their capacity for work and their "racial" characteristics (p. 143). The five officers, of Companies A and D, including, from left to right, Charles Sentmanat, V. Lavigne, D. Larrieu (center), J. L. Montieu, and E. Davis are named in the caption. The 1st Louisiana Native Guards, formed in April 1861 of free people of color, was accepted as part of the Louisiana militia, but went over to the Union side in 1862. For details, see James G. Hollandsworth, The Louisiana Native Guards: The Black Military Experience During the Civil War (Louisiana State University Press, 1995). See also image HW1863b.