Moravian Congregation, St. Thomas, West Indies, 1757

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Image Reference

David Cranz, Kurze, zuverlässige Nachricht von der, unter dem Namen der Böhmisch-Mährischen Brüder bekanten, . . . (Halle, 1757), plate 4, following last page of text. (Copy in the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University)

Moravian (United Brethren) congregation of blacks with white ministers, shows congregation witnessing "the ceremony in which newly baptized slaves prostrated themselves and were then embraced by their previously converted fellows." Caption (translated): Excorcism-Baptism of the Negroes. A) the pastor leading the ceremony; B) the deacons who assist him; C) three [male] baptismal candidates; D) four female baptismal candidates; E) the Negro congregation. The geographical area is not identified in the illustration, but it was St. Thomas (see Jon Sensbach, Rebecca’s Revival [Harvard Univ. Press, 2005], p. 97).