United Brethren (Moravian) Mission Station, Antigua, British West Indies, 1830

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Image Reference

Johann Heinrich Stobwasser, Ansichten von Missions-Niederlassungen der Evangelishen Bruder-Gemeinde / Vues des Etablissemens Missionaires fond

Caption: "Vue de l'etablissement des missions a St. John dans l'isle de Antigoa aux Indes Occidentales"; mission buildings in background; people in foreground. One of a set of 4 separately published engravings, made from Stobwasser drawings. The drawings may have been executed by John Henry Lewis Stobwasser, probably the son of Johann H. Stobwasser, who was a Moravian missionary in Antigua from 1812 until 1822; he died in Berlin in 1832 (information courtesy of Perry Miles, derived from research in Moravian Archives, London).