Batuca Dance, San Paulo, Brazil, 1817-1820

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Image Reference

Johann Baptist von Spix, Reise in Brasilien in den jahren 1817-1820 (Munchen, 1823-31; reprinted Stuttgart, 1966-67), Atlas (originally published 1831), Plate 27, upper right.

Caption: "Die Baducca, in S. Paulo," shows men and women dancing; a man playing a large rasp (left) and another a balafon/marimba-type instrument. Onlookers include a female hawker with her goods and small child as well as a European soldier. A somewhat modified version of this image was published in Alcide Dessalines d'Orbigny, Voyage pittoresque dans les deux Amériques (Paris, 1836), facing p. 211, fig.1.