John Canoe (Jonkonnu, JonKanoo) Dancers, Jamaica, 1838

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Image Reference

Isaac Mendes Belisario, Sketches of character, in illustration of the habits, occupation, and costume of the Negro population, in the island of Jamaica: drawn after nature, and in lithography (Kingston, Jamaica: published by the artist, at his residence, 1837-1838).

Captioned, French Set-Girls, Belisario traces their origin to African and Creole slaves who came to Jamaica with their owners, escaping the revolt in St. Domingue. "The French Sets" he writes, "are invariably observers of taste and decorum, considering it derogatory to dance elsewhere than in dwelling-houses, or within walled premises . . . . They have their Queen and allow male companions to join in their dances, during which two drums or