Chained Slaves in Front of the U.S. Capital Building, Washington, D.C., 1814

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Image Reference

Jesse Torrey, A Portraiture of Domestic Slavery in the United States (Philadelphia, 1817), between pp. 36 and 37. (Copy in Library Company of Philadelphia)

Titled "View of the Capitol of the United States after the Conflagration, in 1814," the lower right hand corner of this woodcut shows a group of nine adult slaves and two children; some of the adults are manacled or chained. None of the illustrations in this abolitionist tract are based on eye-witness drawings, but are artist's conceptions, intended to evoke the topics discussed in the text. This illustration appears in different places, depending on the copy. In the Boston Athaneum copy, for example, it faces the frontspiece or title page; the copy in the University of Virginia library lacks illustrations.