Carrying a Palanquin, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1817-1818

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Image Reference

Louis de Freycinet, Voyage Autour du Monde: entrepris par ordre du roi . . . pendant les années 1817, 1818, 1819 et 1820 . . . Atlas Historique par Mrs. J. Arago, A Pellion etc. (Paris, 1825), plate 7 (copy in Firestone Library, Rare Books, Princeton University).

Caption: "Vue de la Salle de Spectacle sur la Place du Rocio, a Rio de Janeiro." The background shows the theatre (Salle de Spectacle), with miscellaneous urban scenes in the foreground, including two slaves (?) carrying a woman in a palanquin or covered litter (left), right, a group of slave convicts carrying water buckets on their heads, linked by chains around their necks and a uniformed guard with a sword (right). This engraving, by Lerouge and Bernard, but based on a drawing by Jacques Arago, was published in an elaborate Atlas of 112 plates, some in color, based on drawings made by various artists during a French geographical expedition in the early nineteenth century. The expedition visited Rio in in Dec. 1817-Feb. 1818. (The Atlas accompanies a multi-volume account of the expedition, and is sometimes cataloged under the authorship of "Ministere de la Marine et des Colonies [France]," rather than Freycinet, the commander of the expedition. See other images of the "palanquin" on this website.