Gold Mining, Brazil, 1850s

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Image Reference

Ballou's Pictorial (Sept. 29, 1855), p. 208 (bottom)

Caption, "Gold works of Itacolumi, Brazil--Gold Washing." To the left a party of slaves is "catching the gold dust by immersing fleeces in the running water"; on the right, two other slaves are "beating out the dust from a fleece into a large wooden dish placed on the ground to receive it; behind them a European is weighing the gold dust in scales, and "men and women are seen bringing down pieces of quartz containing gold to be broken up by others" (p. 208). A somewhat different version of this image was published in the French publication Magasin Pittoresque (1841, p. 161) with the caption "Lavage de l'or, au Bresil"; this image, in turn, according to Magasin Pittoresque, was derived from Johann Moritz Rugendas, Voyage Pittoresque dans le Bresil (Paris, 1835).