Hauling a Loaded Truck, Brazil, 1853

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Image Reference

Harper's New Monthly Magazine (1853), vol. 7, p. 728. (Copy in Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library)

Shows four men hauling a truck filled with barrels. In the accompanying article, Thomas Ewbank writes: "Some recent [trucks] are as heavily built and ironed as brewers' drays, which they resemble, furnished with winches in front, to raise heavy goods. Each is of itself sufficient for any animal below an elephant to draw; and yet loads, varying from half a ton to a ton, are dragged on them by four Negroes. Two strain at the shafts and two push behind, or, what is quite as common, walk by the wheels and pull down the spokes . . . . The annexed is a sketch of one of those trucks, laden with ten barrels of ... flour, which the four slaves thus brought over a mile . . . . " (p. 727).