Map, Bights of Benin and Biafra, Gulf of Guinea, 1840s-1850s

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Image Reference

Drawings of Western Africa (University of Virginia Library, Special Collections, MSS 14357, no. 2).

Watercolor, pencil, and ink. This map highlights the Bight of Benin, but it shows much more. Extending east and southeast from the Volta River and Cape St. Paul (Ghana) to Cape Lopez and the Nazareth River (today, the Ogoou/Ogowa River) in present-day Gabon, this roughly drawn map identifies rivers and their estuaries, including the Niger Delta, and shows various geographical locales in the Bights of Benin and Biafra as well as the larger Gulf of Guinea with its offshore islands, e.g., Fernando Po, Prince's Island, St. Thomas (today, Bioko, Principe, Sao Tome). Two large trees (mangroves?) dominate the scene. See other image references “UVA” on this site. For background to this and other UVA images, see image reference UVA01.